HOLINGER EUROPE is not only the official distributor for all Holinger made products in Europe it als has it´s own specialized full equipped gearbox workshop. Our technicians not only assembly new gearboxes, they also will do service and rebuild of all kind of racing transmissions, Classic, Rally or Circuit.

After an entrance test we completely dismantlet the gearbox, clean all parts to be able to check and test them. We can test all parts in house for wear, dimensions and cracks. Thats the only way to change only the worn out parts and to save money for our customers. Assembling and setup of the gearbox will be done from our technicians with the knowledge only the manufacturere have. Serviced gearboxes will leave our workshop only after it´s passed a final test.

If required we can organize a full transportation service around the world, please just ask us and we can assist.

The HOLINGER EUROPE workshop will service all brands of racing transmission too.

Take advantage of the many years of experience, knowledge and expertise!