GTR Nissan Skyline

6-Speed Sequential GTR Skyline gearbox


Sequential shift dog-change gearbox designed for use in the R32 and R33 Nissan Skyline GTR


  • The gearbox is designed to bolt directly to the Nissan RB Series engine at the front and standard Nissan R32/R33 transfer case at the rear.
  • These transmissions are used with great success in cars with more than 1000hp in drag racing applications.
  • All gears are removable from shafts with an extensive range of ratios available.
  • Gear change is performed by using the standard Nissan gear lever and mechanism. The gear lever is pulled back for up changes and pushed forward for down changes.
  • Clutch splines are normally 1 1/8" x 26, 24/48DP, 30 deg P.A., but can be ordered with standard Nissan splines.