Complete Final Drive Unit


Final drive unit designed for use in rear-wheel-drive race cars with independent suspension.


  • Input Torque rating for endurance events is 1500Nm (1100ft.lb).
  • The Crown Wheel and Pinion is based around Ford 9" components.
  • A wide variety of ratios between 2.80 and 4.71:1 are available.
  • Input is via a removable coupling, customised to suit requirements. Standard types include 1350 series yoke, CV style flange and a splined coupling.
  • Features quick-change side nuts to control backlash and differential bearing preload.
  • A variety of differential centres are available to suit customer requirements, including torque biasing and clutch plate LSD's as well as spools.
  • Output is via bolt up flanges, integral tripods or to suit customer requirements.

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