5 or 6-speed Dog-change Gearbox


Dog-change gearbox primarily designed for use in front-engine, rear-wheel-drive race cars.


  • Provision also exists to mount the transmission together with a modular transfer case in 4WD applications, or with final drive units in rear mounted transaxles (e.g. Corvette).
  • Available in both H-Pattern and Sequential shift versions.
  • Torque rating for endurance events is 880Nm (650ft.lb).
  • The gearbox is fitted with 6 forward gears and a reverse gear. All forward gears are profile ground for increased efficiency and durability.
  • 5-Speed versions are also available upon request.
  • Shifting is via an integral gear-lever or a remotely actuated shift-rod.
  • The internal lubrication system consists of a magnetic / paper element filter, an oil pump with provision for an external oil cooler and an integral spray bar to feed cooled oil directly onto the gears.
  • All gears are removable from shafts with an extensive range of ratios available.
  • Input is via a removable quill-shaft which can be customised to suit individual requirements.
  • Output is via a fixed flange or slip yoke which can be customised to suit individual requirements.