6-speed Sequential Transverse-Transaxle


Sequential shift dog-change transaxle designed for use in transverse engine,two-wheel race cars.


  • Primarily intended to be installed in conventional front-wheel-drive cars, but also applicable for transversely mounted mid-engined cars, such as the Toyota MR2, Lotus Elise, KTM X-Bow or Ariel Atom.
  • Torque rating for endurance events is 365Nm (270ft.lb).
  • The transaxle is fitted with 6 forward gears, a reverse gear and a final drive. All gears are profile ground for increased efficiency and durability.
  • Engine side bolt pattern is either cast and machined integral, or fitted with a removable bellhousing.
  • All gears have an extensive range of ratios available, the 1st pinion gear is integral with the shaft.
  • The internal lubrication system consists of a magnetic / paper element filter, an oil pump with provision for an external cooler, a spray bar to feed cooled oil directly onto the gears, through-shaft lubrication to all needle roller bearings and a jet feed through the differential.
  • Input is via a removable quill-shaft which can be customised to suit individual requirements.
  • Output is available with bolt up flanges, integral tripods, or can be customised to suit individual requirements.